To Patent or Not to Patent?
Why Ask? ... to Answer and to Act!

... which patents you need to act upon ​and which patents you may neglect?

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Evaluating technical scope of a patent and comparing the scope to business value of a product in order to avoid wasting your money, when there's no risk or opportunities to your business
Based on our tools, our patent pending system, and our ways-of-working, we visualize possible risks and opportunities of patents, not only your patents, but also your competitors' patents.
We provide you and other stakeholders of your company with a one-page overview of which of your patents to keep, which of your patents to skip, and which competitor patents to beat.    
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… whether patents are based on technology or on business?

Patents must relate, not only to technology, but also to business. Patents tend to be based on technology firstly, and business secondly. Patents must be based on both technology and business, but on an equal basis.
Based on our insight into patents and on your insight into your business, together with our tools, we guide you in not wasting money on drafting patents and keeping patents, which have no value, or only limited value, to your business.

We give insight into patent risks and opportunities in a quick, easy and
​cost-effective way