Knowing is not enough. You must take action

Technology, business ... and patents

Patents tend to be based primarily on technology, neglecting the business aspect. But, patents must be based equally on the technology side and the business side of things.  Is it a waste of time and money to patent, or is it crucial for the future of my business to patent? It’s important to find out, and I can help you make an informed decision and to act on the decision.

A graphical approach to patents

Patents can be hard to understand. Strange wording makes it difficult to figure out if it’s a good idea to apply for a patent or to maintain a patent already filed. Avoid wasting money on drafting patents and keeping patents alive that has limited or no value to your business.
I use PatentLog, my own specialised online tool for logging patent claim status. Through specially designed colour graphics, the tool makes it easy and fast to get a clear view of the status of one or more patents. Making it easier to make the right decision about which patents to keep, which to skip and which to beat.