​Improving patent decisions through analysis

Based on my patent insight and on your business insight I provide useful answers to all your patent questions, help you make important decisions and to take action. I can assist you through the entire process; when you plan, when you file, during prosecution and after the grant of patents. I have developed online tools to make everything easier for you.

To help us analyze your options, track your status and communicate the results to partners and shareholders. I strive to be your trusted partner. Someone you can rely on to provide the patent information you need when you need it.
Unlike many advisors, I have no interest in drafting and filing patents if an initial analysis shows that no patents are needed – or that patents are not worth the time and money. I easily adjust to your needs to provide you with the best advice and support in all patent-related questions. I work out of LYNfabrikken in Aarhus, Denmark – a creative co-working space, which means I’m surrounded by skilled people who know how to visualize products and services.